10 Tasty Veggie Nail Art Designs

10 Tasty Veggie Nail Art Designs

We’re doing something a bit different this week, since our new badge is Veggies, Please, With a Cherry on Top, we’ll be having two roundups, one featuring veggies, and one for the fruits! Stayed tuned for our fruit roundup later in the week, and tell us down in the comments what your favorite designs are!


1. We <3 veggies!

I Heart Veggies nail art by Charlie Bourdeau

2. A tomato a day keeps the doctor away

31 DC- Lycopene Nails aka Tribute To Cardiovascular Health by Jayne

3. Vegetable garden nails

Veggie Garden nail art by funatyourfingertips

4. Colorful mushroom nail art

Mushroom Nail Art by Melissa

5. Some kawaii tomatoes! 

Kawaii Tomato Nail Art ◕‿◕ かわいい! by madjennsy Nail Art

6. A full spread of veggies!

Veggie Nails nail art by ladycrappo

7. A is for apple….

Alphabet Delight nail art by YoMu_Designs

8. Holographic stamped carrots

Holotta Carrots nail art by Polishfreshie

9. Sneaking in some fruit salad (shhhh!)

fruit salad nail art by Marianna Kovács

10. These are some hot nails!

Chili Peppers nail art by Yasinisi

NOTE: Nailpolis artists worked very hard to create these designs showcased in this article. Please respect our artists and ALWAYS credit them if you are sharing their nail art. Please do NOT use these images without the artist’s permission.