15 Spins on Splatter Nail Art

15 Spins on Splatter Nail Art

We’ve got splatter nails on the brain here at Nailpolis, so we’re going to show you fifteen different ways to do them! You can go on over to the tutorial Sarah created for us to learn how easy they are to do! Tell us below what your favorites are, and what color combos you want to try!


1. A sophisticated coral and black combo

Splatter Manicure by Tonya

2. Flashy 80’s colors!

Splatter nails inspired by the 80’s by Let’s Nail Moscow

3. A fresh take on half moons

Splatter half moon nails by Adelis Lebron

4. Red, white, and blue stamped gradients and splatters

World Cup 2014 by Margriet Sijperda

5. Simple two toned nails

Splatter Paint by Emma N.

6. Messy violet and teal splatters

Splatter all the nails! by Adi Buki

7. Another splatter mani by Sarah

Splatter paint nails by Sarah

8. Girly pink and black splatters

Splatter by Vanesa

9. Perfect nails for Halloween!

Blood splatter by Petra Öster

10. A cool toned mani with studs

Splatter! by Pixel’s Polish

11. Lucky cat nails!

Maneki neko nails by Nicole M.

12. Colorfully chaotic splatters

Splatter nails by Gifted_nails

13. A feminine pink and blue mani

Splatter nails by Olivia McHale

14. A pop of gold really makes these nails shine!

Paint splatter nail art by Kelli D.

15. Pink and white nails inspired by the city of love

Eiffel tower by Tonya

NOTE: Nailpolis artists worked very hard to create these designs showcased in this article. Please respect our artists and ALWAYS credit them if you are sharing their nail art. Please do NOT use these images without the artist’s permission.