20 Amazing Celebration & Party Nail Art Designs

20 Amazing Celebration & Party Nail Art Designs

We’ve almost hit a million likes on Facebook here at Nailpolis and we asked our talented artists to help us celebrate by entering our 1,000,000 Facebook Fans contest! We’ve had a huge outpouring of amazing nail art that we’re featuring some of here, along with some other nails celebrating other occasions. There’s still time to enter our contest, so hurry and upload your nail art here! Let us know below what your favorites are, and if you got any ideas for your own nail art!

1. Light ’em up!

Happy Birthday Candles by Emelline Harris

2. Glittery candles & cupcakes

Birthday Nails by taylortnails


3. Up, up, & away!

Balloons by Riece


4. Colorful candle & banners nails

First Blog Anniversary by ania


5. Some monstrously cute nails!

Monster Celebrations Nail Art by Marie


6. More banners & balloons!

Parrttyy Nails! by Nailz4fun


7. An almost 100% handplaced glitter design

Sparkly Celebration by Sparkly Nails by Spejldame


8. There’s a party going on!

1,000,000 Facebook Fans Celebratory Nails by Chloe Lewis


9. Pop open a bottle to celebrate!

Let The Party Begin! by Madalina


10. Glittery stamped balloons & fireworks

1,000,000 Facebook Fans Contest by T. Andi


11. Balloons & tunes

Party Time by Oana Chiciu


12. Did someone say more glitter?

Party Time Mani by Oana Alexandru


13. 3D bows with pink & teal balloons

Celebrating 1,000,000 Fans! by MyMintNails


14. Checkerboards & confetti!

Celebration Nail Art! by Ioana Nikova


15. Multicolored banners with triangle studs

Congratulations Nailpolis! by Pixel’s Polish


16. Nail art with the bottle itself!

It’s A Celebration by Christina


17. Bright and fun champagne & balloon nails

C’EST LA FÊTE by BAurorenail


18. Almost to the million!

1000000 Fans! by Valerie


19. Jade floral nails

Nailpolis 1M Celebration! by Enni


20. Let’s go out with a bang!

Fireworks Nails by Gifted_nails


NOTE: Nailpolis artists worked very hard to create these designs showcased in this article. Please respect our artists and ALWAYS credit them if you are sharing their nail art. Please do NOT use these images without the artist’s permission.