24 Cute & Colorful Nail Art Designs For SUMMER!

24 Cute & Colorful Nail Art Designs For SUMMER!

Today is Summer Solstice, the first official day of summer in the northern hemisphere! To kick off this great season, we’ve selected some bright and colorful summer nail art made by Nailpolis members. Summer is all about beaches, fruits, and bright colors! Let us know in the comments which one of these designs you loved, and let us know some of your summer nail art ideas.

1. Beach nails with little pearl embellishments

Let’s go to the beach! by Angel Son

2. Hungry for some oranges?

Summer orange nails by Julia (nailartistrylove)

3. Simple neon gradients!

Summer gradient by Kelli (The Nail Polish Challenge)

4. Glamorous beach nails

Glamorous summer beach nails by Janelle (Elleandish)

5. Neon gradients & chevrons

Neon chevron nails by Amber Connor

6. Beach decals

Beach time! by Nora

7. Neon tribal patterns

Neon tribal nails by Kristin (Lacquerstyle)

8. A creative rainbow gradient

Rainbow gradient nails by Sarah Lou

9. Simple and gorgeous daisies

Daisy nail art by Magda

10. Because we can’t get enough of beach nails

Beach nails by Mary Monkett

11. Watermelons!

Watermelon gradient nails by Vicky Standage

12. Sunset paradise

Neon sunset nails by Marcela

13. 3D nails made with real seashells

Beach nail art made with real seashells! by Madjennsy

14. Neon floral french manicure

Neon french manicures with black flowers


15. Striped neon gradient nails

Neon gradient nails by The Naily Mail

16. Chevron gradients!

Neon pink and blue chevron scaled gradient nails by Simply Nailogical

17. An explosion of colors and daisies

Neon daisy nails by Amanda of Sparklicious nails

18. Textured, patterned neons

Neon patterned nails by Ania (Color Forever)

19. Apples!

Neon green and watercolor apple nails by Maja Sevelius (MLLR Design)

20. Neon gradients and triangle stripes

Orange and pink neon gradient nails by Yomu Designs

21. Starfish nails

Starfish nails by B for Beautiful Nails

22. Sea, starfish, and shells

Beach, shells, and starfish summer nails by Sara Beauty Corner

23. A glittery beach

By the sea, glittery beach nails by Lisa Yabsley

24. Rainbow gradients, version 2

Neon rainbow gradient skittle nails by Claire Kerr

NOTE: Nailpolis artists worked very hard to create these designs showcased in this article. Please respect our artists and ALWAYS credit them if you are sharing their nail art. Please do NOT use these images without the artist’s permission.



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