Nail Art Tutorials

Hello Lovelies!

The lovely Nicole a.k.a victory_nails on Instagram, has created this awesome monarch butterfly nail art tutorial for us today! Although these bring summery thoughts to mind, these are a fantastic nail art look for fall and winter as well! And if you want to get spooky, you could mix up the colors and go darker for an awesome Halloween design! You can see some of Nicole’s other amazing designs in her Nailpolis gallery, and her Instagram as well!


Step one: Sponge your chosen ombré colours onto a white base w. a makeup sponge. Repeating a few times to get desired colour blend.

Step two: Paint diagonal ‘moons’ in the corner of each nail w. black polish.

Step three: Paint 1st line across the nail, diagonally, from middle of each moon
To the opposite corner.

Step four: Follow w. 2 more diagonal lines on each side; down the centre of each section.

Step five: Make an arch at the top of each section & fill w. black.

Step six: Dot small white spots along the arches. Top coat & clean up.

Jennifer a.k.a Polished With Love has made this wonderful Sugar Spun Nail Art tutorial for us today! Don’t be afraid to get messy with this one, in fact, the messier, the better! Check out more of Jennifer’s lovely nail art in her Nailpolis gallery here.

Polished-with-love-tutorial (1)

Step one: Paint two coats of your favorite polish (mattify it if you wish).

Step two: Place a few drops of the fist polish on a piece of foil. Let it dry for ~ 5 minutes.

Step three: Once it’s goopy, use a Dotting tool to swirl and drag it.

Step four: Place a drop on one side of the nail and drag the polish string across your nail.

Step five: Repeat on all nails.

 Step six: Add more colors and don’t forget to clean up! No topcoat needed!

Today Elodie from the french blog Haut les vernis, is showing us how to create these beautiful One Stroke Dreamcatcher nails! Elodie’s One Stroke nail art is just so amazing that we had to ask her  how she does it! You can see more of her nail art in her Nailpolis gallery here.

Step one: Paint nails with white polish and lightly sponge with a sheer tinted polish

Step two: Dip half of a square brush in yellow acrylic paint, the other side in red, and then slowly paint a half circle.

Step three: Reload your brush with the two colors, and paint a jagged line down the center of the nail.

Step four: Outline the circle and jagged line to create the feather and dream catcher.

Step five: Paint some black lines for the strings and use a dotting tool to add some yellow and red dots.

Step six: Finish with your favorite top coat, and you’re done!


Bridget a.k.a A Painted Nail has created this Saran Wrap nail art tutorial for us! This is an awesome look on it’s own, but you could also use it to spice up a stamped design, or use it as a base for some spooky Halloween nail art! Keep up with Bridget’s nail art in her Nailpolis gallery, and her blog A Painted Nail too!

Step one: Paint nails with base color and allow to dry.

Step two: Dab balled up piece of saran wrap in secondary color.

Step three: Using saran wrap, dab secondary color onto nail. Use a light hand and try not to completely cover the base color.

Step four: Use small brush and acetone to clean up, finish with your favorite top coat, and you’re done!

Christabell from the YouTube channel ChristabellNails is showing us how to create these fun converse nails today! Just like the shoes, these nails can be painted in so many different colors! You can check out more of Christabell’s nail art in her Nailpolis gallery and her Instagram as well.
Step 1: Paint nails with base coat and allow to dry.

Step 2: Apply a piece of tape to tip of nail and paint entire nail red.

Step 3: Remove piece of tape while polish is still wet.

Step 4: Paint tip of nail white and then apply topcoat to full nail.

Step 5: Paint a thin black line along white tip using a thin brush.

Step 6: Use dotting tool to add six silver dots, connect the dots using a thin brush.

This week Jessica from Polished Jess is showing us how to create this fun and easy chevron design! You can keep tabs on Jessica’s amazing nail art in her Nailpolis gallery, and on her Instagram too! There are dozens of ways you could mix this up using different color combos, tell us what you’d put together in the comments below!

Step 1: Apply base coat & base color.

Step 2: Apply quick dry top coat & wait for it to fully dry.

Step 3: Place chevron stencils where desired.

Step 4: Paint over stencils, & remove stencils immediately.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3-4 on all nails.

Step 6: Clean up, allow to dry, apply topcoat, & you’re done!

Today Alica from Lacquered Obsession is going to walk us through how to create these eye catching watercolor nails! We just love her cute and whimsical nail art, and these are no exception! Be sure to check out her blog, Lacquered Obsession, and her Nailpolis Gallery as well! What colors would you combine for this look? Tell us in the comments below!


Step 1: Paint your nails a color for the watercolor base.

Step 2: Dab two or three little dots of nail polish.

Step 3: Dip a fluffy brush into acetone and spread the color on the nail.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2-3 on all nails.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 with different colors!

Step 6: Add as many colors as you want, dry, clean up, apply top coat, and you’re done!

Have you ever wondered how on earth splatter nails are done? Well here’s your chance! Through this easy to follow picture tutorial, the lovely Sarah from Sarah Lou Nails show us just how it’s done. Her colorful and complex designs astound us time and time again, and you can see them here on her Nailpolis Gallery and on her blog, Sarah Lou Nails.

Splatter Nail Art Tutorial

Step one: Cut straws into shorter “wands”.

Step two: Apply base coat.

Step three: Apply base color for splatter.

Step four: Dip straw “wand” into nail polish.

Step five: Aim at your nails, and blow into the straw!

Step six: Repeat with different colors

Step seven: Try as many colors as you want!

Step eight: Clean up, wait for the splatter to fully dry, and apply top coat. Done!