Converse Sneaker Nail Art Tutorial

Converse Sneaker Nail Art Tutorial

Christabell from the YouTube channel ChristabellNails is showing us how to create these fun converse nails today! Just like the shoes, these nails can be painted in so many different colors! You can check out more of Christabell’s nail art in her Nailpolis gallery and her Instagram as well.
Step 1: Paint nails with base coat and allow to dry.

Step 2: Apply a piece of tape to tip of nail and paint entire nail red.

Step 3: Remove piece of tape while polish is still wet.

Step 4: Paint tip of nail white and then apply topcoat to full nail.

Step 5: Paint a thin black line along white tip using a thin brush.

Step 6: Use dotting tool to add six silver dots, connect the dots using a thin brush.