Easy Splatter Nail Tutorial

Easy Splatter Nail Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how on earth splatter nails are done? Well here’s your chance! Through this easy to follow picture tutorial, the lovely Sarah from Sarah Lou Nails show us just how it’s done. Her colorful and complex designs astound us time and time again, and you can see them here on her Nailpolis Gallery and on her blog, Sarah Lou Nails.

Splatter Nail Art Tutorial

Step one: Cut straws into shorter “wands”.

Step two: Apply base coat.

Step three: Apply base color for splatter.

Step four: Dip straw “wand” into nail polish.

Step five: Aim at your nails, and blow into the straw!

Step six: Repeat with different colors

Step seven: Try as many colors as you want!

Step eight: Clean up, wait for the splatter to fully dry, and apply top coat. Done!