Interview with Anastasia of Let’s Nail Moscow

Interview with Anastasia of Let’s Nail Moscow


For Nailpolis Magazine’s debut, we are featuring an interview with a top Nailpolis artist, Anastasia of Let’s Nail Moscow. Currently 27 years old–Anastasia only began her journey in nail art 6 months ago! It’s almost unbelievable, given how sophisticated, polished, and detailed her designs are. Not to mention, the clean up and photography is incredible.

Behind the scenes, Anastasia is a professional model living in Moscow. But you won’t find a picture of Anastasia anywhere on her blog. She prefers not to be judged by her looks, and instead, wants to be seen for how she expresses herself creatively.

How did you get into nail art?

Last summer me and my boyfriend were planning a road-trip to USA–starting from LA through Page, Death Valley, Las Vegas, San Francisco and back to LA. While searching the web for nice hotels/cafes/shops, I came up with a page of one of Los Angeles’s nail art spots. I fell in love with all the crazy designs, but they were all booked and I couldn’t get there to get my nails done. So, inspired with all the pictures I’ve seen, I started practicing myself. :)

Architecture sketch nails

 How often do you do a new nail design? How long does each design usually take?

I usually change my nail design once in 2-3 days–and it’s not that I get bored with the design I’m wearing, but I have too many designs in my head that I want to try. Sometimes I only make nail art on one hand to take pictures– they can be too difficult to make with my left hand; but normally a 2-hand design takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours.

Under The Sea

 Where do you get your nail art inspiration from?

I personally don’t like answers like “everywhere“, cause when I read an interview like that – I’m usually looking for particular tips. :) So here are mine:

  • Fashion. There are thousands of amazing color combos and patterns there – those are perfect for abstract nail art.
  • Cartoons and movies. Most of the cartoon characters are really easy to be put on your nails.
  • Nature and wild life. Take a look at parrots feathers, fishes, insects.

Ikea inspired nails


Your nail art photography is incredible. What camera do you use to take your photos? Do you have tips for achieving the crisp, bright quality of your photos?

If you have a choice between phone photo and camera – always choose camera. I’ve never seen phone pictures that look professional. There are plenty of options of really nice and inexpensive cameras out there. I use Canon 50D with a macro lens.

The best light – is daylight, best hand pose – with a polish bottle, all fingers together (those gaps between nails look really weird–I used to make this mistake in the beginning).

What helps me a lot is my camera stand, it make taking pictures much easier.

Are there any nail art tools that you simply can’t live without?

There are some nail art techniques that are basic and can be used for dramatically different designs–such as gradient, striping and freehand designs. So my can’t live without tools are makeup sponges, striping tape, #00 or #000 brushes, acrylic paints and cleanup pens.

Marge Simpson


What’s the nail art community like in Moscow (and Russia in general)? Do you have a lot of friends who do nail art as well?

I just started my nail art practice about 6 month ago, and at that time there were absolutely NO nail artists in Russia (ok, there were, but very few and you never hear from them). There is a big nail polish-holic community, though. I know lots of girls, who really adore painting their nails (plain) and showing their unbelievable swatches in their blogs and Instagram.

It was really hard for me to begin–when I started showing my designs, they were like “what?“, and weeks later one by one they started liking my pics and commenting on them. Now even the most popular swatching ladies start posting their first attempts in gradients, galaxies etc. :) That makes me sooo happy :)


Galaxy nails


What are your tips for beginners who are just getting into nail art?

  • There is no such thing as “not being able to make nice designs.” It all comes with practice :) and your results will improve really fast, seriously! 2-3 attempts later the difference will already be visible! always take pictures with proper lightning – just stand by the window.
  • Take nice pictures. People are more likely to like a nice picture with a simple design, that a bad picture with a nice design.
  • Always ALWAYS clean up before taking pictures.


Katy Perry inspired nails

Who are some of your favorite nail artists?


Tribal aztec nail art

What are some of your hobbies outside of nail art?

i used to shoot models and even design simple minimalistic clothing :) but for the moment nail art is what controls my mind ;)

Tell us something funny or interesting about yourself!

In fact I am a professional model. :) I made a number of video-commercials, tens photoshoots in Moscow and Rome, twice worked in Milan and took part in Diesel presentation and Emilio Pucci showroom. But modeling never let me express myself and I didn’t like it, being judged just by my looks. That’s why I love nail art that much– I do what I love and people like it.




Thank you so much for giving us the honor to interview you Anastasia. We’re always excited for your new nail art on Nailpolis! Don’t forget to visit Anastasia’s blog at Let’s Nail Moscow, and of course, follow her on Nailpolis!

  • Hadas Drukker

    Love it! I always like getting to know the person behind the nails, and with such interesting facts- twice as better!

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    I love the idea of this magazine, and what a great interview to get it started!