One Stroke Dreamcatcher Nail Art Tutorial

One Stroke Dreamcatcher Nail Art Tutorial

Today Elodie from the french blog Haut les vernis, is showing us how to create these beautiful One Stroke Dreamcatcher nails! Elodie’s One Stroke nail art is just so amazing that we had to ask her  how she does it! You can see more of her nail art in her Nailpolis gallery here.

Step one: Paint nails with white polish and lightly sponge with a sheer tinted polish

Step two: Dip half of a square brush in yellow acrylic paint, the other side in red, and then slowly paint a half circle.

Step three: Reload your brush with the two colors, and paint a jagged line down the center of the nail.

Step four: Outline the circle and jagged line to create the feather and dream catcher.

Step five: Paint some black lines for the strings and use a dotting tool to add some yellow and red dots.

Step six: Finish with your favorite top coat, and you’re done!



  • Jen

    Such a great nailart, i love it!