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This week on Nailpolis Magazine, we’re excited to share our interview with Michelle from Break Rules Not Nails. Michelle is known for her incredible ability to recreate famous paintings on her nails. The recreations are mind-blowing and hyperrealistic–it takes real technique to be able to do this. You may have seen Michelle’s Salvador Dali & Goth Mona Lisa nails on Nailpolis’ Top 100 nail art designs page.

Michelle comes from Brisbane, Australia, and currently lives in a small country town halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. She lives with a small mischievous black cat named Leila (named after Leila from Futurama), because the cat has some attitude! There are nearly 800 bottles of nail polish in her house. (Despite her obsession with nail art, she can’t wear nail polish to work, so some of her designs come off once they are done.)