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We were amazed by the tremendous turnout we got for the 1,000,000 Facebook Fans Contest here at Nailpolis, and for our last hurrah, we’d like to roundup some of the awesome nail art our artists submitted. We love and appreciate every single one of you for taking the time the celebrate with us. Thank you all for participating and being a part of the Nailpolis community!

1. Colorful floral trimmed nails

Flowers for Nailpolis by Paulina’s Passions


2. Skittle glitter nails

I M Facebook Fans Contest by Debbie

3. Gold dusted bows

As Gold As It Gets by Lina


4. Confetti, glitter, and balloons!

Celebration Party Nails For Nailpolis by Lisa N.

5. Glittery chevrons

Glitter Placement Party Nails by Gifted_nails


6. Glow in the dark party nails

Party At Night by Uma mathur

7. Diamond encrusted nails

A Party Full Of Glitter by Nailpolish Addicted


8. Spreading our branches

Celebration Nail Art For Nailpolis by Alpsnailart


9. Hit the “nail” right on the head!

Nailpolis 1,000,000 Facebook Fans Nail Art by Margriet Sijperda

10. Ruby negative space nails

Celebration by Jen

11. This party’s for the birds!

Party Owls by CrazyPolishes (Dimpal)

12. 3-D geometric nails

Nailpolis Celebration Nail Art Mix by Maria M

13. Starburst gradient nails

Abstract Fireworks Triple Scaled Gradient Starburst by simplynailogical

14. Hand-placed glitter nails

1,000,000 Fans. Congrats Nailpolis! by GepeNails

15. Party time!

Party all night nails by Hera Nails

16. Blow out the candles!

Nailpolis 1,000,000 Fans Celebration by polishisthenewblack

17. Gold studded rainbows

Neon by Brittany Couture

18. Party hats with pom poms

Party Hats! by samieeb23

19. It’s a pachyderm party!

The Elephant Likes Nailpolis Party :D by Teo

20. Polka-dots and banners

Happy 1,000,000 Nailpolis! by Jayne

21. Colorful confetti and beautiful balloons

Celebration/Party Nails by Lizana Nails

22. Party animals!

Party People Nails by Cubbiful

23. A sweet celebration

Nailpolis Says…. by Dess

24. All that glitters..

Celebrating One Million Nailpolis Facebook Fans by Denise

25. Floating away!

Let’s Celebrate Nailpolis! by Robin

26. A bunch of bunting!

1.000.000 Facebook Fans Celebration by Vanesa

27. Smile! :)

Celebrating Sucess!! by Bazavan Diana

28. Pink n’ yellow 3-D nails

Happy 1 Million Fans! by Mai Al-Awai

29. Climbing to the top!

Celebrating 1 Million Facebook Fans With Freehand Painting by Rishu

30. Rainbow waterfalls

Celebration Time by Margee C.

31. Golden stripes

Party Nails! by xNailsByMiri

32. Have a cupcake!

1 Million by bonnieerika


33. More cupcakes? Yes please!!

Nailpolis 1,000,000 Facebook Fans Nail Art by Celine Peña

34. Glittery purple celebration nails

Let’s Celebrate by Lacquered Obsession

35. Rock out!

Nailpolis Celebration Nail Art! by Ruth Cox

36. Hand-placed glitter nails

Sparkly Celebration by Sparkly Nails by Spejldame

37. Throw in that bottle too!

It’s a party! by Christina

38. Balloons galore!

Party Nails by Riece


NOTE: Nailpolis artists worked very hard to create these designs showcased in this article. Please respect our artists and ALWAYS credit them if you are sharing their nail art. Please do NOT use these images without the artist’s permission.