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Sunset Nails

This week we are interviewing the talented Margriet from 365 Days of Nail Art, she recently finished an amazing project where she created a different nail art design, every day for a entire year!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi all! I’m Margriet from the Netherlands. I’m 31, happily married and mother of 4 (2 boys and 2 girls). My parents live in Portugal and are planning to tour America and Canada the next couple of years and my sister lives in Spain. Visiting them means travelling, something I really enjoy! I studied to be a social worker (for Residential Institutions, Community Development and Child and Youth Welfare Work). But until the youngest (3 years old) goes fully to school as well I decided to remain a stay-at-home mom and work later. I’m a perfectionist from heart and the biggest chocolate addict in the world :D

I’m a perfectionist from heart and the biggest chocolate addict in the world :D

Mermaid Tail

2. When did you first start getting into nail art?

Around the age of 15, when hitting puberty, I really wanted to be different than others. While the rest was trying to fit in with their appearance I did everything to stand out. One half white and one half black was the favorite look for my long nails. Later on I tried to make simple paintings with a toothpick. I didn’t know anything about the existence of nail art and it was only later when I discovered I was already doing it! At the age of 17 I ran into a nail art package containing 50 nail polish stripers and a how-to video. It looked so easy and I’ve spent many frustrating hours trying to recreate a nail art. It was only until last year that I really wanted to do something for myself besides being a mom. I wanted to start blogging and after a lot of thinking I decided to blog about nail art. I soon came to the conclusion that so many were already blogging about it so I needed to stand out again :D This was the moment I challenged myself with the “365 days of nail art challenge”. Each day, one year long, I created a nail art on my natural nails and blogged about it. It has cost a lot: money, time, stress, nails, frustrations. But it also brought a lot: new friends, love, a better self-esteem and great nail arts.

While the rest was trying to fit in with their appearance I did everything to stand out.

Dragon Nails

3. Where do you like to take your pictures?

I prefer taking pictures outside on a sunny day. And well, that brings us right to the biggest problem…It’s the Netherlands…we don’t have that many sunny days :( I’m still thinking about getting/making myself a light box.

4. Have you ever gotten any interesting reactions while wearing some of your more unique designs?

I wish I could tell you a nice anecdote but I can’t. The Netherlands isn’t really a ‘nail’ country. A lot of people have short, unpainted nails (easy for work) and there is still even a large group that looks at long, painted nails as being witchy or trashy. Therefore most people are simply shocked when looking at my nails and for sure won’t even comment about it :D  Of course, during time I received compliments, requests for doing their nails, oh ah’s and the mostly asked question: do you do this yourself?! However the funniest and weirdest experience I had, was while wearing flocking powder/velvet nails and someone out of the blue started petting my nails (it felt like a stranger touching your pregnant belly…WEIRD).

Puzzle Pieces Sandwich Nail Art

5. How do you keep yourself from hitting inspiration burnout?

Actually the inspiration burnout isn’t really the thing I have trouble with. I get my inspiration everywhere. Sometimes I let the polish speak; color or texture but mostly my inspiration simply comes from browsing the Internet. My laptop is one big Pinterest board of images that I’ve seen and saved because I immediately thought: “Oh wow, that could look great on nails as well!” From paintings, to fabric, to jewelry, to toys, to postcards etc. Painters block is my biggest problem. There are days that I’m simply not able to paint as good as I want. Redoing it or taking another inspiration won’t help. It’s an off-day!

I get my inspiration everywhere. Sometimes I let the polish speak; color or texture but mostly my inspiration simply comes from browsing the Internet.

You Are Beautiful Like A Rainbow

6. What do you consider the most crucial part of your nail care routine?

Oh my, I’m going to make friends and enemies with my answer to this question. I actually don’t do anything special when it comes to nail care. I’m blessed with easy nails. I’ve got a ton of stuff for nail care but I’m simply too lazy for using it. As long as I regularly wear polish I never have to push back my cuticles. I only clip loose cuticle skin and when I see my hands are getting dry I put on a hand cream. Filing (glass file by KOH, which is the best) only happens when my nails are getting too long or when I have to file them all down because I broke a nail. I also use nail polish remover containing Acetone. In my opinion the best way for keeping strong and healthy nails is using a good basecoat (I use Essie First base but all the Essie basecoats are great).

Northern Lights

7. Do you prefer natural nails or acrylics?

For me it’s natural nails for sure! However, we are not all blessed with easy nails and with that in mind I’m happy there is also a possibility of getting acrylics or gel nails. A nail art can look great on whatever canvas!

8. What are some of your other hobbies?

I don’t have time for other hobbies ;-P I take what life is bringing me. There were times in my life I read all the books in the library. I travelled the world. I’ve been at the top of some sports (ballet, volleyball, badminton, speed ice skating, gymnastics). I’ve been on a lot of dance floors and spent a lot of time with friends. There is a lot in life and each period of your lifetime brings new interests and hobbies. Same goes for friends and troubles.  Right now I’m happy with being a mom, wife and filling my free time with NAILS and blogging :D

There is a lot in life and each period of your lifetime brings new interests and hobbies.

Neon Water Marble Accent

9. How often do you change what’s on your nails?

I’m in rehab for the each day change ;D After my 365 days of nail art challenge (which also took a lot of quality time with my loved ones) I promised to take it more slow. I’m now changing my nails when I have free time which is more or less twice a week.

Paris In Love

10. What’s your favorite design that you’ve created over the years?

I love my INAD (International Nail Art Day) nails because there was so much going on there with different techniques and materials. Most favorite however are my dragon nails because they turned out way better than I had hoped for :D

Fifa World Cup Nails

11. What nail polish brand do you find yourself reaching to the most?

I sadly have to say that I’m not a millionaire. I reach mostly to Catrice and Essence because it’s easy available and low-budget. I have great experiences with China Glaze, OPI, Morgan Taylor, KOH, Herome, Color Club and Indie brands as well (but this mostly needs to be purchased online). I’m not a fan of shipping costs and waiting for my polish.

Wave Goddess

12. What design took you the longest to complete?

I can’t remember! All detailed hand painted designs take a lot of time but for me it is relaxing and I love doing it! I’m terrible at water marbling. This takes ages for a perfectionist like me…open spots, blobs, nail polish everywhere AAAHHHH. The final shown picture would be the 50th try.

Abstract neon nails

13. What type of brushes do you use for your nail art?

I started with striper brushes (low budget) and now I mostly use detail brushes that I get from a store that sells model building materials. Still not very expensive and comparable to Kolinsky hair brushes size 0000.

Spring Argyle Nails

14. What other nail bloggers do you like to draw inspiration from?

I follow a lot of other bloggers and see a lot of nail arts passing by. I like to be unique though, with my own inspirations, techniques and style. Sometimes a new technique and/or design passes by a lot and I can’t help but try it out myself. It was only in the beginning that I recreated other bloggers nail arts (and didn’t credit them for it…so sorry because I was just a noob that didn’t know about this unwritten rule). Nowadays I mostly look up to the people creating new techniques, think outside the box or make really art pieces. For example: Pisut Masanong, Dess, Ryoko Garcia.

Thank you so much Margriet! Comment below and tell us your favorite designs!

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